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Date: 2009-present is a self-organized learning community that runs on barter. Anyone can offer to teach a skill, and learners offer barter items to meet the teacher’s needs. Local chapters approve teachers and coordinate local gatherings for exchange; open source software facilitates communication between organizers internationally. Started in New York City in 2009, this self-organized network of artists, designers, and educators is now running in more than thirty cities internationally by over 100 local organizers. Our all-volunteer effort has reached over 20,000 students and teachers in fifty cities, with more than 100 local organizers communicating regularly online to support one another from Athens to Bogotá. 

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Roles: Founding member, co-creative director, educator, technical project manager

Exhibitions: Brooklyn MuseumWhitney Museum

Public talks: Maker Faire, Contactcon, TEDx, Social Media Week, Platform Cooperativism